Fundraising Events

Each year the school hosts several fundraisers in an effort to accomplish our annual fundraising goals.

Every parent has a role to play in the planning and support of these events.

Opportunities to volunteer in our fundraising efforts include:


  • Host Cocktail Party for your class to promote team building
  • Encourage parents in your child’s class to support school events
  • Participate in fundraising events


  • Anniversary Gala
  1. Serve on Host Committee
  2. Assist with planning and ticket sales
  3. Seek support of local businesses
  4. Attend the event
  • Annual Art Festival Exhibit & Sale
  1. Encourage participation of current & former families, & local businesses
  2. Plan and hang exhibit and participate in sale and exhibition
  3. Design catalogue for exhibit


Little Folks School is known for the dedication and commitment of its teachers. The annual Valentine’s Dance raises money in support of the LFS Staff Fund, which augments teacher benefits such as health care, retirement, tuition reimbursement, daycare costs &, dental & medical expenditures not covered by insurance. children. The cost of the event is underwritten by the LFS Board and the LFS Room Parents.


The family of each new student is asked to contribute a $250 tax-deductible gift so that we may offer financial support to those families in need.

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