At Little Folks School we create an environment for your child to learn through active exploration and interaction with teachers, other children, and the physical world around them. We approach the whole child: developing the social, the cognitive, the physical and the aesthetic.


Children are provided many opportunities to develop social skills such as cooperating, helping, negotiating, and talking with others to solve interpersonal problems. Our daily routine includes a scheduled playtime where dress-up and dramatic play provide the proper setting for these skills to emerge.

Cognitive Development

Children develop understanding of concepts about themselves, others and the world around them through observation, interacting with people and real objects, and seeking solutions to concrete problems. Because the materials developed by Maria Montessori so aptly incorporate this approach, we make important use of these materials.

These toys help to develop the pre-academic skills necessary for later acquisition of reading, writing and math skills. In addition to this approach to cognitive development, children have the opportunity to select many of their own activities from a variety of learning areas the teacher prepares, including puzzles, games, books, manipulative toys and art materials.

Physical Development

Children have daily opportunities to develop motor skills: running, jumping, climbing, balancing, and skipping, both indoors and outdoors. Small motor skills are developed through play activities such as pegboards and puzzles, stringing beads and sewing, and our treasured daily art activities which include painting, drawing, gluing, cutting, and sticker art.

Aesthetic Development

There are many moments for aesthetic expression and appreciation through Art and Music. Children experiment with and enjoy many forms of music during the special weekly music class. A variety of art media is available for creative expression. Music and Art are a very important component of the Little Folks School Program.

Additional Reading

The Right Place: Nursery School in the Twenty-first Century” - a chapter from Choosing the Right Education Path for Your Child: What are the Options? Edited by Paula J Carreiro and Eileen Shields-West written by Head of School Gay Cioffi.

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