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12 Principles of Child Development and Learning

As set forth by The National Association of the Education of Young Children

  • All areas of development and learning are important.

  • Learning and development follow sequences.

  • Development and learning proceed at varying rates.

  • Development and learning result from an interaction of maturation and experience.

  • Early experiences have profound effects on development and learning.

  • Development proceeds toward greater complexity, self-regulation, and symbolic or representational capacities.

  • Children develop best when they have secure relationships.

  • Development and learning occur in and are influenced by multiple social and cultural contexts.

  • Children learn in a variety of ways.

  • Play is an important vehicle for developing self-regulation and promoting language, cognition, and social competence.

  • Development and learning advance when children are challenged.

  • Children’s experiences shape their motivation and approaches to learning.

Here at Little Folks School we utilize a variety of methods to fulfill students individual developmental needs, click each to read more: