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Caitlin, Bennet and Nova on Halloween

Staff Spotlight: Caitlin Williams

November 13, 2017 This is Caitlin Williams’s second year teaching at Little Folks School, where she teaches in the Purple Room. Read on for more about Caitlin in our Staff Spotlight Interview: What do you like best about teaching? I’ve learned so much from collaborating with teachers from... » read more
Batmen on Halloween

Highlights & Happenings: In the Blue Room

November 03, 2017 The Blue Room had a fun time celebrating Halloween on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday, the class cut their pumpkin to make it a jack-o-lantern. They also took time to examine the seeds from inside the pumpkin. The lunch bunch children ate a special spooky Halloween lunch including “witches brew... » read more
Group Stretching

Highlights & Happenings: PE Class with Erika

October 27, 2017 Did you know children at Little Folks do a PE class each week?! Blue Room teacher Erika leads each class in a weekly half hour physical education class designed to help children stretch, balance, and move their bodies!  This week PE was all about Halloween fun! Children started with a... » read more
Posing with baby

Highlights & Happenings: In the Orange Room

October 13, 2017 This Friday was School Picture Day! The Orange Room, home to our Tiny Folks Toddler Program, spent the week helping their youngest learners prepare for this change in their rountine. After talking about Picture Day with the class, teachers Kara, Jules and Abby helped their students stage a pretend... » read more
Abigail's headshot from interning at the Kennedy Center

Staff Spotlight: Abigail Dillard

October 09, 2017 Meet Abigail Dillard, Orange Room Teacher! This is Abigail “Abby” Dillard’s first year teaching at Little Folks School. She teaches in the Orange Room in the Tiny Folks Toddler Program with Kara and Jules. Read on for more about Abby in our Staff Spotlight Interview:... » read more
Washing Apples

Highlights & Happenings: In the Purple Room

October 05, 2017 Fall is finally here! The Purple Room has begun an exploration on the autumn season and this week they focused on apples. On Monday, the class used their five senses to make observations about an apple, examining first the outside and then the inside. The Purple Room children also observed... » read more
Planting in Our Garden

Grandparents & Special Friends Day

October 04, 2017 Today we welcomed Grandparents & Special Friends to visit Little Folks School. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, neighbors, siblings, and special friends gathered in the lobby for coffee and snacks and Head of School James Gilroy welcomed our visitors. From there, everyone dispersed to visit their... » read more
A doctor

Highlights & Happenings: In the Yellow Room

September 29, 2017 It has been a busy week in the Yellow Rooom!  Focusing on things that make the sound “Bb,” teachers Nory and Sarah led the class in art projects using ball rolling, balloons, and collaging blue and brown papers. They also did a science experiment with a balloon and bottles!... » read more
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