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Marble Rolling with Fall Colors

We All Love Fall!

October 13, 2021 Last week the Orange Room was busy beginning their exploration of fall! As the weather gets cooler and the leaves change colors, Orange Room teachers Karen, Jules, and Yesun are sure not to miss learning opportunities with our youngest students! During art, students did marble painting with fall... » read more
Gardening at LFS

A G-G-Great Week in the Purple Room!

October 04, 2021 Last week was g-g-great in the Purple Room! This year the Purple Room is focusing on the letters of the alphabet, exploring each letter for two weeks at a time. Last week and this week, the focus has been on the letter “G.” As a class, they talked about “g” making two sounds; “g” says “guh” like “... » read more
Making "All About Me" Stars

All About Me: Learning About Ourselves

September 17, 2021 This week the Blue Room’s theme was “All About Me.” They read the book I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont and talked about different cultures. Ms. Remy shared that she loves all things French even though she is not from France. Blue Room students learned about shapes this week in preparation for... » read more
Fun in the sensory table

Building Routines in the First Week of School

September 13, 2021 Last week’s three half days marked the first week of school at Little Folks and the students in the Red Room were busy adjusting to their new school routine. They spent much of their days exploring the classroom with favorite places being the blocks and the kitchen. This year, teachers John and... » read more
Full camp sing-a-long

Frozen Treats & Funky Beats: A Salute to Summer!

August 02, 2021 The weather may have turned up the heat in July but that didn’t stop the fun at LFS camp! In the month of July, we welcomed new teachers and some new campers. We spent even more time splashing at water play and had some extra exciting adventures in our final week of camp! Check out some of the... » read more

Water, Art, and Friends, Oh My!

July 06, 2021 During the month of June LFS welcomed almost 50 campers. Children between the ages of two and five were busy painting, singing, splashing, digging, playing, and having a blast at summer camp! Campers made new friends and formed bonds with new teachers too! Check out some of the exciting activities... » read more

Connect Before Correct

June 22, 2021 By Melanie Douglass: Last week I had the pleasure of virtually joining early childhood educators from around the country at NAEYC’s Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) Symposium. As this was the first DAP Symposium I had attended, I was not sure what to expect. I was already familiar... » read more
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