A G-G-Great Week in the Purple Room!

October 04, 2021

Last week was g-g-great in the Purple Room! This year the Purple Room is focusing on the letters of the alphabet, exploring each letter for two weeks at a time. Last week and this week, the focus has been on the letter “G.” As a class, they talked about “g” making two sounds; “g” says “guh” like “goat” but it also makes a “juh-sound” like “giraffe.” The Purple Room students generated a list of words that started with a “g” and labeled them as being a “guh-g” or a “juh-g.” 

Each letter the class studies will also include interviewing a student whose name starts with that letter. Last week the class interviewed Gaines and this week they will interview Graham. By interviewing a classmate, students form a greater understanding of the concept of a question and the student being interviewed builds confidence. Some of the questions that classmates asked Gaines were “Do you have a dog?” and “Do you like Cambridge, Mass?” (Yes and No). 

The Purple Room also explored the letter “g” through art. Each student in the class made a “Gg” using glue on paper. Younger students used the glue to trace along the letters where a teacher wrote it. Older students attempted to make their own! Next, students sprinkled glitter onto the glue to make very sparkly letters! They are on display on the bulletin board and are also a tactile way to feel the shape of the uppercase and lowercase letters G and g. Other art projects included painting with green paint using small brushes to build fine motor skills and decorating plates to make shakers. Teachers demonstrated how to mix the yellow and blue paint together to make green and experimented with adding a little white to change the shade of green. After decorating the plates, the teachers will put them together to make shakers so students can dance to GoGo music this week!

Squeezing Glue to Make a "G"

“Inch by inch/Row by Row/Gonna make that Garden Grow.” The Purple Room helped plant vegetables in the LFS garden last week! Each student dug a little hole in the dirt, added a beet seed, covered it up, and gave the soil a pat. Our young learners are so excited to see if their garden is growing! The Purple Room is looking forward to more fun “G” themed activities this week! 

Gardening at LFS

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