Building Routines in the First Week of School

September 13, 2021

Last week’s three half days marked the first week of school at Little Folks and the students in the Red Room were busy adjusting to their new school routine. They spent much of their days exploring the classroom with favorite places being the blocks and the kitchen. This year, teachers John and Marta, created a block area that combines already made wooden blocks with recycled boxes for maximum building fun! 

Marta works with students on a puzzle

The Red Room students practiced sitting at circle time each day and learned how to sit “criss cross applesauce.” Marta led the students in a game where they sang “criss cross applesauce, criss cross ________ sauce,” filling in the blank with a fruit each time. This exercise works with children on developing their core strength and balance as this sit cross-legged, their rhythm as their pat their legs to the beat, and builds cognitive skills as they work together to brainstorm fruits.

Music is an integral part of their day in the Red Room and the first week kicked off with songs like “The Pirate Song,” and “Animal on Your Head.” The “Pirate Song” is a great way to build on number concepts, rhyming, and following directions. In the “Animal on Your Head” song, John would ask each child what animal was on their head and sing “Name has an [animal] on his head, Name has an [animal] on his head, Name has an [animal] on his head. And he keeps it there all day!” As John sings and plays his guitar, that child can dance and the other children sing along. This song encourages creativity of movement and freedom of expression as students each choose their favorite animal. It is also so much fun to be silly!

Laying a foundation for continued art explorations, the Red Room began their week with red playdough (homemade by John!). Next, they created artwork using dot stickers and crayons. Each child’s artwork was different - some children were very purposeful, creating a plan before they used materials and others were more exploratory. One child remarked that they had created a “solar storm.” 

Art with dot stickers

We look forward to a great first full week this week! Stay tuned for a peek into the Blue Room’s week on Friday!

Fun in the sensory table


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