All About Me: Learning About Ourselves

September 17, 2021

This week the Blue Room’s theme was “All About Me.” They read the book I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont and talked about different cultures. Ms. Remy shared that she loves all things French even though she is not from France. Blue Room students learned about shapes this week in preparation for drawing self-portraits. Using a black marker and paper, they proudly drew their self-portraits. 

A favorite project this week was making “All About Me Stars.” Each student selected cutout pictures of favorite items or magazine cutouts that they identified with and glued them to a construction paper star. These stars will be proudly displayed in the Blue Room classroom. Blue Room students also traced their feet and then used counting cubes to measure the length of their foot. Some students were able to make predictions first and see how accurate they were. How many counting cubes long is your foot?

Making "All About Me" Stars

Yoga is a great way for children to move their bodies and also find calmness. The Blue Room learned three yoga poses this week: mountain, snake, and bridge. In “mountain,” they plant their feet firmly on the ground which can bring a sense of stillness and peace to their bodies. In “snake,” students lay on the floor and push the front of their bodies up with their hands. This creates a great stretch through the entire body. Finally, “bridge,” is a great way to build core strength! 

The Blue Room will continue to explore this theme in the coming weeks, increasing their students’ sense of self. Ms. Tyazia looks forward to culminating their unit with a “Taste of Cultures” class celebration where students can share a glimpse into their home life. Stay tuned next week as we spotlight the Yellow Room!


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