Frozen Treats & Funky Beats: A Salute to Summer!

August 02, 2021

The weather may have turned up the heat in July but that didn’t stop the fun at LFS camp! In the month of July, we welcomed new teachers and some new campers. We spent even more time splashing at water play and had some extra exciting adventures in our final week of camp! Check out some of the highlights from each classroom….

During “Space Week,” the campers in the Red Room took on an extraordinary challenge - they made their own ice cream!! Campers poured milk, cream, sugar, vanilla, and a splash of color into a bag. After placing the bag of ingredients in a larger bag of ice and salt, they shook it with all their might!! The result: delicious ice cream!!

Making ice cream!Red Room campers make ice cream.

In the Blue Room, summer means cool treats to beat the heat! The Blue Room campers enjoyed having popsicles on hot days at the park. In fact, they liked popsicles so much that they made their own! Teachers Karen, Yesun and Maddy helped their campers mix lemonade and pour it into popsicle moulds. The next day, they ate their popsicles at Volta Park. Yummy!

Blue Room campers eating homemade popsicles.Yummy popsicles in the heat!

The Purple Room campers loved making sand art in our last week of camp. Campers carefully held the funnel and the sand art container in one hand and spooned sand into the funnel with their other hand. To their amazement, each sand art was also a necklace! Campers wore their necklaces with pride and loved showing them off to their parents at the end of the day. 

Sand art in the Purple RoomSand art in the Purple RoomProudly wearing sand art necklace.

The Yellow Room became chefs once again when they made pretzels and lemonade from scratch at the beginning of Session 2! Campers used their hand muscles to squeeze the lemons and stir in the sugar and water. What a refreshing drink! Although July was hotter, that didn’t stop the Yellow Room from having more adventures at Montrose Park. They enjoyed playing tennis there and wading into the creek.

Making lemonadePlaying tennis at Montrose Park

The Orange Room welcomed a new group of campers for Session 2! Some of our youngest friends had never been away from their families before and made a wonderful adjustment to camp. Orange Room teachers were delighted with the progress their group of campers made in four short weeks, transitioning to a new place and making connections with teachers and friends. This group of children, ages eighteen months to two-years-old, even ventured to play on the field at Volta Park! 

Playing with shaving cream in the Orange RoomOrange Room campers having fun at Volta Park field

All good things must come to an end and Little Folks Summer Camp ended on a high note - with a full camp singalong! Teachers John and Mike played their guitars and led the group to sing some of the campers’ favorite songs: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Puff the Magic Dragon,” We ended with our own Little Folk’s spin on the song “Friday.” Check out some short photos and video clips from our final day’s sing-a-long and water balloon play!

Full camp sing-a-long

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