Water, Art, and Friends, Oh My!

July 06, 2021

During the month of June LFS welcomed almost 50 campers. Children between the ages of two and five were busy painting, singing, splashing, digging, playing, and having a blast at summer camp! Campers made new friends and formed bonds with new teachers too! Check out some of the exciting activities that kept our campers so busy in the month of June….

Red Room teachers Monica and John both play instruments (Monica plays the ukulele and John plays the guitar) so there is often a lot of music exploration in the Red Room! Their favorite activity happened as they learned about flowers. While listening to Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” campers used recycled egg cartons to do print making and create flowers with paint. After they dried, they added collage elements to the picture to create hydrangeas.


The Purple Room campers were all about water play! Children loved splashing in the pool, jumping in the splashpad, collecting water in cups and transferring it to other containers, and playing with the rubber ducks outside! The Purple Room’s favorite week was “Storybook Adventures” where they made art projects based on beloved children’s books. Everyone loved making masks like Max from Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak!

There is lots of fun happening in the Blue Room! Campers enjoyed painting with marbles for some big body movements and were delighted at the beautiful pictures they made! They also enjoyed playing on the field and digging in the dirt. For a special treat, the Blue Room visited the fire station. Campers were so excited to see the firetruck up close!

The “big kids” in the Yellow Room ventured away from Little Folks to spend some beautiful outdoor days at Montrose Park. Here students climbed trees, kicked soccer balls, hiked on trails, and wadded in the creek! When they were at LFS, the Yellow Room enjoyed singing fun “camp songs” like “Puff the Magic Dragon,” “Down By the Bay,” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” while Mike played the guitar. They ended their first session by making pizza from scratch!

Our youngest campers in the Orange Room adjusted to being in a new environment for the first time. They discovered how much fun it is to get messy as they were elbow deep in shaving cream, scooping and pouring at the water table, and painting and gluing to make art!

We can’t wait to see all the fun campers in Session 2 have in July!


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