Highlights & Happenings: In the Yellow Room

February 02, 2018

Over the past two weeks, the Yellow Room has been exploring how things feel. Teachers Nory and Sarah transformed the top of their sensory table into a place where children could truly explore the sense of touch through different materials using bubble wrap, sand paper, and felt. They noticed the sand paper was “scratchy” and the bubble wrap was “bumpy.” They also enjoyed popping the bubbles.

Discovering textures at the sensory table

Yellow Room students did an extended project on painting aluminum foil. First, they felt the foil and noticed it was smooth. Then they explored the ways it changed when they crumpled it and observed that it now felt rough. Next, children used their fingers to paint the foil while experiencing the way it feels - smooth in some places and rough in others.

Feeling foilPainting on foil with fingers

To teach the concept of “slippery” in a safe and fun way, teachers Nory and Sarah set up a long piece of white paper and let children walk in paint and stamp their feet on the paper. Some children carefully tip toed on the paper while others stomped. Afterwards, each child stepped in a bucket of water to wash their feet and explored how it felt to have wet feet. To scrub all the paint off, students used a brush and observed it felt “tickly.”

Feeling "slippery"

The Yellow Room had so much fun exploring the sense of touch and how things feel. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

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