Highlights & Happenings: In the Red Room

January 12, 2018

Over the past two weeks, the Red Room has been studying snow! Inspired by the cold weather and splash of snow we received, Red Room teachers Marta and Jasmine led their class in a chilly exploration of snow and winter weather. They read the books Snow Balls by Lois Elhert, How Do You Know It’s Winter? by Allan Fowler, and The Mitten by Jan Brett. They also made snow people for their names for the month using dot stickers and buttons. After reading The Mitten, each child decorated a mitten which the teachers laminated and punched holes to make individual lacing projects. The whole class also acted out the story of The Mitten, playing the different animals in the book.

Sewing a "mitten"

The class made their own snowman as a group. The children worked together to make decisions such as what the eyes should be made of, how big it should be, and what the nose should be (a real carrot or a paper carrot?). Later, one of the Red Room students suggested that the snowman needed a brain, so they found something to be the “brain” and put it inside the box making its head. Another student suggested the snowman needed legs so a few children made legs.

The Red Room's Snowman

The class also discussed the science of snow - where it comes from, how it melts, and what happens if it refreezes. Teachers brought snow in from outside and let the class feel it, play with it, and mix it with colors.  They made predictions about what will happen to the snow inside and then observed how it melted.

Playing with real snowPlaying with real snow


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