Highlights & Happenings: In the Blue Room

November 03, 2017

The Blue Room had a fun time celebrating Halloween on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday, the class cut their pumpkin to make it a jack-o-lantern. They also took time to examine the seeds from inside the pumpkin. The lunch bunch children ate a special spooky Halloween lunch including “witches brew soup,” “bug juice,” “jack-o-lantern sandwiches,” and orange jello. On Tuesday, all the children arrived in their costumes and the class participated in the school’s Hallowen parade and sing-along.

Examining pumpkin seedsSpooky Halloween lunchBatmen on HalloweenHalloween friendsFoxes and Chefs and Minions - Oh my!

This year, the Blue Room teachers Mike & Erika have “adopted” a boy named Maximo. He is 11 years old and lives in Mozambique. Over the past few weeks, the class has talked about Maximo and his life and how it is different than their lives. They have received a letter and artwork from Maximo and noticed that he draws with crayons just like they do! Mike and Erika also helped Blue Room students identify Mozambique on a globe and talked about how far away it is. In Maximo’s recent letter, he wrote about how his father built a house using sheets of zinc. In contrast, the Blue Room students and teachers talked about how they buy houses or live in houses that are already built. 

Finding Mozambique on the map

On Thursday, the Blue Rooom hosted “sandwich patrol,” where the students at Little Folks make sandwiches for Georgetown Ministry to distribute to the homeless. The class talked about how they were making sandwiches for people who do not have as much food as they do. The teachers led discussions about the importance of helping others who do not have as much and related making sandwiches for our local homeless population to sending money to Maximo in Mozambique so he can have food and shelter. 

Making Sandwiches

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