Staff Spotlight: Abigail Dillard

October 09, 2017

Meet Abigail Dillard, Orange Room Teacher!

This is Abigail “Abby” Dillard’s first year teaching at Little Folks School. She teaches in the Orange Room in the Tiny Folks Toddler Program with Kara and Jules. Read on for more about Abby in our Staff Spotlight Interview:

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is light green, like a spring yellow-green.

Kayaking in California

What is your favorite food?

Unashamedly chicken fingers, with any type of salad being a close second.

Abigail at Camp Highlander

What is a special tradition for your family?

A special family tradition I celebrate is on Christmas Day my family cooks fried oysters and baked pears for breakfast. It all started with my great-grandfather who was a postman. A long time ago, he took a special Christmas delivery to a family even though it was the holiday and the family was so thankful they gifted him with a bag of raw oysters. In the south, even today, that’s a pretty amazing gift. However, at the time he did not have refrigerators in the home so when my great grandfather brought the oysters home my great grandmother knew she would have to cook them the next day or they would go bad. From then on, my family has always had fried oysters for Christmas Day!

Abigail in New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade

Describe a favorite past vacation.

My favorite past vacation was a month-long trip I took to the country Finland. I went to study Finland’s incredible education system. In a months’ time, I explored 6 different cities and 8 different school settings. It was an amazing experience to observe the classrooms of a country leading the world in education. I stayed with host families, in a hostel, and even took a night cruise and an overnight train ride in a sleeper car. For fun, I ate and walked through their farmers’ and fish markets, explored castle ruins, competed in a mini Amazing Race (and got 2nd place), pet reindeer, visited Santa’s post office, and toured the nation’s Lutheran cathedral. I played in the snow in May and made countless friends. I would go back in heartbeat.

Abigail's headshot from interning at the Kennedy Center

What do you like best about working at Little Folks?

Working at Little Folks so far has been a wonderful experience. I love my students in the Orange Room. To see their smiles, and hear the laughs as the explore, create and learn throughout the day is incredibly fulfilling. Working with the teachers and staff here has been such a blessing. They are always there to listen, lend a hand, offer supportive advice. What’s not to like about working at Little Folks?

Welcome Abigail!

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