Highlights & Happenings: In the Purple Room

October 05, 2017

Fall is finally here! The Purple Room has begun an exploration on the autumn season and this week they focused on apples.

Apple Observations

On Monday, the class used their five senses to make observations about an apple, examining first the outside and then the inside. The Purple Room children also observed the sounds they made when they ate the apple and the way it tasted. You can read some of our apple observations below:

I see the red…a little bit. I see an apple inside.”

I see that…the stem.”

I like the red. It’s a circle. I see a stem inside. It tastes crunchy.”

There’s a sticker on it. It’s a ball. It’s cold.”

I like the pink. I see the green inside. It tastes sweet.”

I see the red. Tastes crunchy.”

There is some yellow. It’s cold because it came from the refrigerator. It’s golden inside.”

I like the red on it. And I like the blue…it’s right there. I see the dog inside. An apple and a dog.”

I see pink and yellow. I see a seed inside. Taste like an apple.”

Purple Room children read books about apples including Apples, Apples by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld and Apples and Robins by Lucie Felix. Students used apples and paint to make apple printing pictures but first they made sure the apples were clean by washing them!

Washing ApplesApple Printing

The class celebrated their week long exploration of apples with an “apple party” on Thursday by drinking apple cider and eating whole apples (“just like grown ups!”). 

Apple Party

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