Highlights & Happenings: PE Class with Erika

October 27, 2017

Did you know children at Little Folks do a PE class each week?! Blue Room teacher Erika leads each class in a weekly half hour physical education class designed to help children stretch, balance, and move their bodies! 

This week PE was all about Halloween fun! Children started with a skeleton warm-up song that sang through different bones of the body. You can check out the song here

Touch Your Foot BoneStretch!

Next, Erika and the children danced to the song “Five Creepy Spiders” which got everyone movin’ and groovin’ in different levels. Here’s the song!

Dancing to 5 Creepy Spiders

After that it was time for some practice trick-o-treating with bean bags. Children took turns knocking on Erika’s “door” and dropping bean bags into their treat bag. This was also an opportunity for practicing counting, hand-eye-coordination, and turn-taking.

Knocking on the "door"Practice Trick-or-TreatingPractice Trick-or-Treat

Then the class danced to a Trick-or-Treat song where they practiced dancing like different Halloween characters. You can check out the song here!

Knock Knock Trick-or-Treat

Finally, the classes ended with a super fun Halloween freeze dance. Here’s the song so you can dance at home!

Halloween Freeze DanceHalloween Freeze DanceHalloween Freeze Dance

PE class with Erika is such a highlight of the week for every class! Thank You Erika for a fun-filled, Halloween-themed week in PE!

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