Highlights & Happenings: In the Red Room

September 22, 2017

The Red Room has been engaging in a study of the self. From reading the books I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont to drawing self-portraits, Red Room students have been learning what makes each of them unique. Students have been practicing a poem called “I’m Glad I’m Me.” 

Working on Self-Portraits

Using the theme of the self, Red Room children explored math concepts by graphing who has which eye color. Children studied their eyes in the mirror and matched their picture to the corresponding eye color. Later they counted each group and talked about which eye color had the most children.  This week, students also studied the science of their finger and hand prints. Each child made a paper with hand prints and then studied the unique patterns and swirls under a magnifying glass.

Examining Hand PrintsGraphing Eye Colors

Red Room teachers Marta and Jasmine are working to build a strong classroom community. Appreciating each child’s uniqueness is a big step towards this important goal. 


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