After School Enrichment Program

The Little Folks Spring classes are now available for sign up!

Early Morning Drop-Off program from 7:45 - 8:45 pro-rated:

  • $750 for the rest of the school year

After School Enrichment Program, with optional 3:45 or 4:45 pick-up for the rest of the School Year:

  • $750 for the rest of the School year: 3:45 pick up
  • $1248 for the rest of the School year: 4:45 pick up

Below the description of the classes offered this Spring!

Spring session begins on February 27th and goes until May 19th. There will be no classes over Spring break (March 20th - April 2nd). Each session will have 10 classes. Classes are for 45 minutes to an hour, unless otherwise noted. Classes cost $325.00, unless otherwise noted. Schedule, Registration, and Pricing under “ASEP Spring Enrollment Form” and payment information below. We accept checks but encourage you to register and pay onlineClass space is limited so please reserve a space for your child today.



Ballet - The ballet class with Kara will introduce your child to the basic positions of ballet while they are dancing and having fun.  The focus is on creative dance and movement.

“Once Upon A Taste” Cooking Class - Your child will be introduced to the art of cooking while having fun with Marta! They will gain a sense of achievement when they get to eat or bring home what they cook! Lessons will vary from basic cooking skills, to reading a book that inspire recipes; for example : “Petes a Pizza” and “Pancakes, Pancakes!”

Drama – Nory will guide your child through a performance based drama class. Your child will be singing and dancing and using their imaginations at every class. Your child will be engaged in art inspired by the dramatic performance. Your child  will design their own theater set and costume!

Hip Hop - Erika, our dance instructor will get your kids learning all the hip dance moves! They will be ready to dance at our end of the session performance!

Yoga and Mindfulness - This fun and challenging yoga class is for children of varied abilities and needs. We will practice breathing techniques to calm, energize, and balance the nervous system, practice flowing sequences, challenging poses, partner and group poses, restorative yoga, and deep relaxation so that students gain practical tools for health, happiness and well-being.

Exploring Nature – While we live in the middle of a city, that does not mean we cannot enjoy the nature that surrounds us! We have exciting news that we now have a plot at Volta Park to plant and explore!! Your child will be brought outside if the weather cooperates or will explore nature indoors with this fun and exciting class with Coach Lindsay.

Lil Niños Spanish Program – Little Folks School introduced a Spanish Language Program to their after school enrichment programs. Taught by Sarah, the children benefit from learning a second language during the time their minds are sponges. The curriculum will be inspired by the curriculum of Little Folks School. We offer Spanish everyday, however the curriculum is designed so everyday is a unique educational experience your child will benefit from. They will learn through music, games, and play! Olé!

Creative Art Skills – Your child will surely bring out their artistic abilities! Marta will use her expertise to guide your child through creative works of art, large scale weavings and murals, and explore traditional and non-traditional materials.

Sing for Joy Music Class - Nory will introduce your children to love of music and singing. The children will fall in love with music. The children will be singing melodies and songs in harmony. Nory will choose songs and the children will sing out loud! There will be a performance at the end of the session.

Tae Kwon Do - Tae Kwon Do is important for flexibility, strength, coordination, focus and concentration.  The TKD classes will be taught with a little love and a lot of discipline; the students work hard, but training is fun!! The focus of the TKD program is to provide a fun learning environment for all students. TKD at Little Folks is brought to you by Flying Kick Fitness.

Science and Discovery- Marta will engage your child in experiments that will make them say wow! From mixing colors, to creating crystals, to watching bubbles fizz your child will surely feel like a real scientist!

Gymnastics - This class will teach basic fundamentals of gymnastics to your child while having fun! The kids will be tumbling, rolling, hopping, and stretching. They will learn how to do a head stand, how to hang on a bar, balance on a beam, somersault and more!

Tumbling- For those younger ones that cannot quite do back flips yet, tumlbing is the perfect class. The younger ones will explore their gross motor body movements while gaining core strength in this fun tumbling class with Coach Lindsay.

Sports and Movement - Sports skills and Movement with Coach Lindsay and Coach Jack, a football player from Georgetown U, is a perfect way to introduce your child to all the basics of sports in a non-competitive fun way! This class will focus on hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. 

Sports in the Outdoors- The children will be taken outside to explore the sports space around them. Volta park features a basketball court, tennis court, grass field for soccer and other sports, and a baseball field as well. 

Class Schedule and Pricing are on the ASEP Spring Enrollment Form



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