Admissions Procedures


Typically the parent contacts the school for information about the admissions process. Information is exchanged and parents are invited to an Open House.


These events are scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month, beginning in October, are given a tour of the school, written information about the program, and applications are available. The Director presents an overview of the program and there is a question and answer period. Open House Registration.


Upon receipt of an application, the parents are scheduled to visit the school with their child. This is an opportunity for parents to see the program in operation, the purpose of the visit is not to evaluate the child. This is another opportunity for you to get to know us. Visits typically last 30 minutes.

Admission Policies

Returning Student, Siblings and Legacies

The Little Folks School has a strong returning student, sibling and legacy policy. Children in these categories can take advantage of early admission or are admitted in early February, with contracts due by February 28, 2018.

Early Admission

The Little Folks School will offer rolling admissions through December 2016 for those parents who have made our program their first choice, and want to eliminate the need to visit and apply to other schools. Contracts are due within 2 weeks of admission.

Payment for Early Admitted Students (by December 15, 2017)

Tuition for families choosing this option will be at the 2017-2018 tuition rate and not subject to any tuition increase for the 2018-2019 year.

2017-2018 Tuition

Annual Tuition Fees:
$20,735   Morning Only     Monday – Friday  8:45 – 11:45
$24,185   Full Day            Monday – Friday  8:45 – 2:45

40% due with contract
30% due March 17, 2017
30% due October 1, 2017

General Admission

Families (other than sibling applicants, returning students and legacies) that do not take advantage of the early admissions option will be considered for enrollment during regular admissions, when decisions are made in early March, with contracts due by March 16, 2018.

2018-2019 Tuition To be Determined

60%  tuition due March 16, 2018
40%  tuition due October 1, 2018

Information and applications for Financial Aid may be found here.

Enrollment Forms

The following forms must be completed and returned by August 22, 2017 in order to begin school:
Background Information, Registration Record, DC Health Certificate, DC Oral Health Form, Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment, LFS Emergency Procedures, Limited Waiver of Liability, Acknowledgement of Policies, Travel and Activity Authorization, and Photo and Video Release are all available to download below.


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